Search-based code repository

Please follow these instructions to install the Eclipse plugin (and when you're done, check our Quick Tutorial):

Note: Helios service release 2 is the oldest supported version.

1. In Eclipse, go to Help > Install New Software...

2. Click Add...

3. Fill in the fields as shown below ("SnipMatch" and ""). Click OK.

4. Select SnipMatch in the Available Software box. Click Next.

5. Click Next.

6. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Finish.

7. Answer OK to the warning dialog.

8. Click Restart Now. After Eclipse restarts, SnipMatch should be installed!

Getting Started

Once SnipMatch is installed, type control-enter (PC) or command-enter (Mac) to open the search box.
Start by searching for simple snippets: e.g. "if" and "print".
Next, try including arguments in your searches: e.g. "for myVar" (where myVar is a locally declared integer or array) and "print "hello"".
Now try inserting a snippet with a helper class: search for "capture screenshot" and select the top search result.
Looking for more detailed instructions? Check out our quick tutorial!
Finally, try creating your own snippets!

Optional step: register for a free account (required to create your own snippets)