Search-based code repository

Quick Tutorial

Once SnipMatch is installed, type control-enter (PC) or command-enter (Mac) to open the search box.

Start by searching for simple snippets: e.g. "if" and "print". Notice that the snippet is previewed in your code. If you press enter it will be inserted. If you press escape the search will be cancelled.

Next, try including arguments in your searches: e.g. "for 10" and "for myVar" (where myVar is a locally declared array or integer) and "print "hello"". Notice that SnipMatch integrates your local variables. We are careful to protect your privacy. Your code is not uploaded to our servers.

Now try inserting a snippet with a helper class: search for "capture screenshot" and select the top search result. You will notice that import statements and a helper class are added when you insert the snippet. The hazard icon (yellow triangle) indicates that a helper class will be added. After typing the first few words, you can press "tab" to autocomplete part of the search query.

Alternatively, instead of including the arguments in the search box, you can press enter at any time to open the argument editor.

Finally, once you are comfortable searching, try creating your own snippets!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?